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  Career Focus Webinar Wednesday, January 19, 2022
Location:   Web-based Seminar
Time:   12:00PM-1:00PM
Price:   0.00
Description:   Texas A&M Career Center hosts webinar series for former students.

The "Career Focus" webinar series is offered the first Monday and third Wednesday of each month. It aims to provide overview of resources designed to help Aggies explore career options, research opportunities, find industry connections and compete in our evolving job markets. Learn the strategies and tactics needed to get plugged in with the Aggie Network and beyond to achieve your career goals.

Register in advance by clicking HERE. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. Contact fscshelp@tamu.edu for additional details.

Texas A&Mís Career Center offers Former Student Career Services year-round and throughout your career. The Association of Former Students helps fund its great work for both current and former students.

The Career Centerís specialists can provide you with the tools and resources you need to effectively explore your options, then access and utilize the Aggie Network. They can help you fine-tune your resume, perfect your interviewing skills and identify job openings in your field. Visit AggieNetwork.com/Careers to learn more.

Aggies helping Aggies find jobs has been a key part of The Association for more than a century. Today, The Association provides free career tools directly to Aggies and thousands of dollars in funding to the Career Center. Get started at AggieNetwork.com/Careers.