• In addition to raising money to support our scholarship efforts, a primary focus of the Dallas A&M Club is to cultivate the relationships of Aggies in Dallas area. The way we do this is through our club events. We have a wide offering and hope each of you find the type of event you are looking for. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail us! To find out about the event you're interested in just follow the link!

  Volunteer Recruitment Meeting - Blue Goose Cantina Addison Tuesday, August 20, 2019
Location:   Blue Goose Cantina - 14920 Midway Rd in Addison
Time:   6:30PM
Price:   0.00
Description:   Interested in getting more involved with the Dallas A&M Club? Join us for our next volunteer meeting - as the Dallas A&M Club is gearing up for a fantastic 2020; and we need your help!

This is your chance to learn about our upcoming events and how you can help further our mission for growing the Aggie Network and giving back to Texas A&M.

Canít make it to the meeting but still want to volunteer? No worries! Just email our 2019 DAMC President, Jason Boullioun í06, via jboullioun06@aggienetwork.com.