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  Aggie Business Luncheon - Andrew Louder ’06 Wednesday, January 3, 2018
Location:   Tupinamba Cafe - 9665 N Central Expressway
Time:   11:30AM-1:00PM
Price:   0.00
Description:   Join us for the DAMC’s Aggie Business Luncheon, held monthly on the first Wednesday of the month. At each luncheon, we welcome an interesting guest speaker, often times an Aggie. Come hear their story of success and achievement; and bring plenty of business cards for networking.

Guest speaker/program:
Andrew Louder ’06, founder and CEO of Louder Co., discusses "5 Critical Tactics to Make Your Business Better in 2018".

Andrew shares his experiences for transforming businesses, the pitfalls he sees so many business leaders go through, and the 5 things you can do to your business in 2018 that will make your business prosper.

Louder Co. is a company of Operations Specialists that are driven to help their clients operate more efficiently, experience higher profits, and achieve growth faster. Louder Co.’s clients have coined them as their Chief Improvement Officer where they’ve generated over $100M in revenue, $100M in savings, and countless hours of operational efficiencies for those clients.


For more information on the DAMC’s monthly Aggie Business Luncheon, please visit our Meetup site above OR contact Sierra Reed ’09 via email at ssreed@ft.newyorklife.com.