We are an official "A&M Club". Much of the work of The Association is done through local A&M Clubs. These A&M Clubs form the foundation for many Association programs.

Local A&M Clubs:

  • Coordinate all organized former student activity in that geographical area.

  • Provide each former student with the opportunity to become a member of a worthwhile group, to add something to the group, and to receive something of value from the relationship.

  • Transmit current information to the community about the academic programs, scholarship opportunities, and advantages available at The Association and Texas A&M University.

  • Provide a forum in which former students can become active members of The Aggie Network by assisting each other professionally, participating in community affairs, and becoming informed spokespersons on behalf of The Association and Texas A&M University.

  • Encourage individual leadership development and experience in organization management -particularly for young former students and recent graduates who may not yet have such opportunities in their professional pursuits.

  • Provide scholarship funds for deserving local students who are attending Texas A&M.

  • Provide a forum for The Association and Texas A&M University to work together to accomplish objectives vital to its future.
   Mailing Address:
    Dallas A&M Club  
    3419 Westminster Ave. , Suite 339  
    Dallas, Texas 75205